About Us

Founded in April 2019, Band of Barrows is a non-profit corporation built by leaders and patrons alike, to enrich young peoples’ lives and futures by funding junior barrow sales in North Texas each year.

Band of Barrows is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded by Whitney L. Cardwell, Margaret Jensen Crosby and Janie L. VanZandt, with a mission to raise money from businesses and individuals. Funds will be used to support the junior barrow exhibitors in North Texas each year.

After spending several years at the Sale of Champions supporting the junior exhibitors, a need to specifically support the barrow exhibitors was identified; thus Band of Barrows was born. Each of the founders comes from different backgrounds, but each has a true passion for supporting the junior exhibitors and a fondness for pigs in general.

Whitney L. Cardwell , Director, President & Treasurer

Whitney is Vice President-Legal Counsel for a Texas state bank with 40 locations. She has been a licensed attorney in the State of Texas since 2000 and specializes in commercial real estate. Whitney was a member of 4-H as a child and in middle school and high school exhibited Quarter Horses at various venues all across the United States, one of which was the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. Whitney has attended the Sale of Champions several years in order to bid on the animals utilizing corporate funds. At the 2019 Sale of Champions she noticed a need for additional organizations to support the junior barrow exhibitors. Whitney resides in Fort Worth, where she serves on several committees including the Vine to Wine Committee supporting the FWSSR.

Janie L. VanZandt, Director, Vice President & Secretary

Janie is the Director of Land Administration for Veritas Energy, LLC in Fort Worth Texas. Janie spent her childhood raising and showing pigs across Texas, ironically exhibiting 9 years at the Fort Worth Stock Show. She knows firsthand the time and finances it takes to raise and exhibit animals for these types of shows, which leads her desire to be part of a group that gives back to the hard-working kids, families and supervisors that raise these animals. Janie and her husband, Jay, who also raised and exhibited pigs live in Aledo and continue to be involved and support each of their respective FFA and 4-H organizations where they grew up.

Elizabeth Brhlik, Vice President of Events

Elizabeth works in Marketing for a Dallas luxury retailer. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, she has lived in Texas since 2011. Elizabeth and her husband, Joe, recently married in April 2022, and she now calls Fort Worth home. Although Elizabeth does not have experience raising or showing pigs, she has seen firsthand how showing can help build character and leave a positive impact on the youth of Texas. Elizabeth is passionate about supporting and enriching children’s lives through her involvement with Band of Barrows. Elizabeth also serves on the FWSSR Ambassador Committee and is actively involved in the Junior League of Fort Worth. She is a proud aunt of two, enjoys traveling, and spending time with friends and family.